Express Radiance Facial 
Express beauty treatment that exfoliates and moisturizes the skin.
This quick facial will leave your skin feeling fresh and renewed.
A customized cleanse and moisture mask will improve and hydrate the skin. 
 (no extractions)
25 min $75

Facial Add-Ons

  • Eye Perfection: (Adds up to 20 mins) + $30
    • Relaxing eye treatment with an eye contour balm, softens lines & reduces dark circles. A cooling mask is then applied.

  • Plumping Lip Smoother: (Adds up to 5 min) + $15
    • Remedy for dry, chapped lips, and combats signs of aging around the mouth. Soften, smooth, and plump delicate tissues.

  • Foot Treatment: (Adds up to 10 min) + $20 

    • Just like your neck, back and shoulders, your feet can also benefit from some TLC. Includes a callous removal, scrub, mask, and moisturizer that is massaged onto the feet, improves circulation, stimulates muscles, reduces tension,and feels great!

  • Scalp Massage: (Adds up to 10 min) + $15

    • Completely unwind and relax during your facial with a calming and soothing scalp massage.

  • Detoxifying Pure Pore Mask: (Adds up to 10 min) + $20

    • A deep cleansing mask, perfect for oily or congested skin types, purifies and refines the skin's pores.

  • Radiance Peel: (Adds up to 5 min) + $20

    • Intensive exfoliant peel to brighten, smooth, and resurface the skin.

  • Microdermabrasion: (Adds up to 5 min) + $15

    • An added skin exfoliation using diamond crystals  to sand your skin gently sand your skin. Removing the thicker, uneven outer layers.

  • LED Therapy: (Adds up to 15 min) + $30

    • LED lights target many specific skin conditions with distinct wavelengths of light. Sending low-level light energy into the deeper layers of the skin, promoting more cellular activity and fibroblast.

  • Cannabis Infusion: (no added time) + $15

    • Using CBD, the non-psychoactive component of cannabis, that when used in a facial may help soothe the skin, reduce inflammation, has antioxidant properties, and is also anti-bacterial. Assisting to plump and refresh the skin, making it look more healthy and youthful.

  • Extractions: (Adds up to 10 min) + $15

    • For facials that don't include extractions, or if you feel you just need more time spent on extractions than would normally be included.

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