Relaxing soak bath at DESUAR Spa

Bath soaks at DESUAR Spa are one a kind because we have a Copper Tub, you read that right! It’s amazing! It is the only one in DTLA and a true luxury. Here are some benefits of our Copper Tub as well as the benefits of having soak baths in our tub. You can enjoy all of the benefits of a soak bath at our spa, see all of our treatments here. For centuries the benefits of a soaking bath have been repeatedly told as they are a huge part of your bodily health, as well as your mind. Soak baths have been used since the times of Ancient Egyptians and the famously in the great Roman Empire.

When your skin touches the surface of a copper tub, your body absorbs small amounts of copper — and without any of the gastrointestinal side effects so common with anti-inflammatory drugs. If your diet is deficient in trace minerals such as copper, a copper bathtub is a relaxing way to replenish your body with this essential element. Additionally, copper tubs heat faster and retain heat longer. Finally, copper has a restorative effect on joint movement and connective tissue by reducing inflammation associated with rheumatism, arthritis, osteoporosis, tendinitis and sports injuries

Uplifts your mood

Jumping in our copper bathtub with warm water, aromatherapy, and the best products to nourish your body after a long tiring day is extremely relaxing. Lying in a horizontal position in your bathtub can help relieve your stress and automatically makes your mood so much better!

Good for Skin Conditions

If you are someone who suffers from psoriasis, your doctor may have advised you to use some medicated bath oils or just natural ones to get the dead skin off of your body and moisturize the fresh skin beneath. Lying in the bathtub also helps people with eczema in that it helps the water to seep into the upper layer of skin and kill the bacteria properly and help it heal.

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