DESUAR Spa Shines in Historic Downtown Los Angeles

If you were to ask where the heart of Los Angeles is, locals and tourists alike would point you towards the Historic Downtown Los Angeles. Walking the streets of Downtown Los Angeles alone will give you a wave of nostalgia and excitement. Instantly, you would see the beauty of the buildings in Los Angeles that have been used as a backdrop in many movies and buildings that have been around for ages. If they could talk, these buildings would host stories of the grandeur days of the Downtown area in the 30s and 40s and what it went through to get to where it is today.

Without a doubt, DTLA is thriving like never before. Reclaiming its beauty has been quite the challenge but today, it has awakened and is a home to many new businesses, restaurants, and a new wave of people who have made DTLA their home.

Unknown to many, the Historic Core was the center of the city before World War II before it went on a fast decline right after World War II. The area, which used to be the hub of the biggest banks but the Historic Core took a hit when they all moved several blocks to the west.

Redevelopment of the Historic Core to bring it back to its former days began in 2005 and that is the development that we see today. Because of the influx of new residents, businesses, and tourists, the Historic Core, along with the rest of DTLA, has become one of the busiest parts of the city.

This is where DESUAR Spa comes in. The first ever spa in the Historic District, DESUAR Spa aims to be the place of peace and relaxation in the Historic Core of DTLA. It is a place where you can rest despite the hustle and bustle in the heart of the city.

Owner, Deisy Suarez

Owner Deisy Suarez says, “It’s a dream come true for our team to be in the heart of one of busiest and liveliest districts in Los Angeles. The Historic Core, based on its name, has a lot of history now we are moving towards a great future as well. Being the first spa in that district means a lot to us and to provide relaxation and just a sanctuary is our top goal.”

DESUAR Spa’s biggest goal is to provide tourists, business owners, and residents with a place that will take them away for awhile but is easily accessible. Prior to DESUAR Spa’s arrival, people had to get away from DTLA to experience relaxation but now they do not have to go far, stepping into DESUAR Spa is an oasis in itself.

Today, you can experience the best of DTLA and relax with DESUAR Spa.

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