Instill a Breath of Fresh Air and New Life into Your Skin with DESUAR Spa’s O2 Oxygen Facial

Look and feel your absolute best this season with DESUAR Spa’s O2 Oxygen Facial. The unique system uses a combination of pure oxygen and antioxidants, used to deliver the highest degree of hydration to your skin’s deepest layer. The end result will leave you looking and feeling younger, brighter, and more energetic with a flawless complexion.

Get picture perfect glowing skin, ready for any party with DESUAR Spa’s O2 Oxygen Facial

Revitalize your skin like never before using the most innovative and splendid technology in skincare today. DESUAR Spa offers its clients the most sought after facial right in downtown LA- the O2 Oxygen Facial. Using the miraculous healing powers of fresh oxygen with hyaluronic acid and the wonderful beautifying effects of vitamins, give your skin the utmost care it deserves. The O2 Oxygen Facial is a customized form of skin care that does wonders at revitalizing and plumping dry, aged and congested skin.

Understand the revolution behind one of Downtown LA’s most sought-after facials

Great for all skin conditions, DESUAR Spa’s O2 Oxygen Rejuvenating Facial has clients buzzing for all the right reasons. Using the most natural resources and ingredients imaginable, this skin treatment is what your skin has longed for.

The facial comprises of an oxygen machine spray that uses a high-quality water based serum to provide clients with remarkable results. The treatment is carried out using pressurized oxygen that allows the infusion of low molecular weight substances that include hyaluronic acid, peptides and antioxidants. The flush of these nutrients onto the skin’s surface provides rejuvenating results.

This treatment heals, calms, improves blood flow, nourishes and hydrates the skin immediately. It also gives the skin a silky-smooth finish erasing fine lines for a radiant look. Pure oxygen is also anti-bacterial and kills acne so that you can enjoy the benefits of clean, clear skin. This treatment at our day spa includes an exfoliating mask, light extractions, serum, and a customized mask.

No matter what your skin condition is, allow the O2 Oxygen Facial to work its magic into making you the best version of yourself

Whether you’re suffering from a bad sunburn, need to get rid of uneven skin tones, detest those aging fine lines or simply wish to add greater elasticity and vibrant effects to your skin, allow DESUAR spa to intervene. The hydrating O2 Oxygen facial has been designed to provide startling results.

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