Oxygen and mineral rich facial mist.
Revitalizing skin through dual sources of oxygen that comes from highly dissolved oxygen deep sea water andoxygen activated though the cartridge

D:o2 Activator 50ml

  • The Power of Pure Oxygen

    Defense Skin from Free Radicals

    Protect skin from pollution free-
    radical damage

    Calm the skin

    Rapidly cools and calms the skin.
    Enhancing skin barrier functions.

    Rich in moisture

    Vitalizing skin barrier and rebuild
    skin moisture factors

    This cosmetic packaging is leak-proof to contain over
    125PPM dissolved oxygen without Nitrogen involvement

    What it is good for?

    • Aging skin lacking of moisture
    • Skin lacking of elasticity
    • Dull skin tone with all day make up

    How to Use

    • 1. Remove safety cap located at the bottom of the bottle
    • 2. Turn the cartridge clockwise (to the right)
    • 3. Spray on from about 20-30 cm apart from face. Gently pat on for absorption.
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